Recap Eclipse Phase: Ego Hunter

Since I moved to Brisbane in September I have been trying to gather interested parties in participating in Role Playing Games (RPGs). Recently, I have been working in conjunction the Brisbane Geek Social Club through Meet Up and offering an avenue for people interested in RPGs to come and have a go. The focus of the group is to show case a number of systems through one shot scenarios that can be wrapped up in 1-3 sessions. Giving people the opportunity to try a number of systems, try out performing the role of Game Master (GM), and allowing people to jump into a new game without having to commit to a long term campaign.

In the past I have run two sessions Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space [Knight of the Comet], and Dread [Beneath Metallic Skies]. This time round I ran Eclipse Phase [Ego Hunter]. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Eclipse Phase it is a post-scarcity, trans-human, post-apocalyptic setting, where death is not final, where one can download their mind (ego) to another body (morph). The setting has very strong horror and intrigue investigatory themes. One of the largest benefits of Eclipse Phase is how accessible the source material is being shared for free through Rob Boyle.

Ego Hunter is a one shot scenario that is interesting because the majority of the Player Characters (PCs) play the same beta fork (a copy of one mind with prunes memories and experiences). After receiving a strange message the PCs are on the hunt for their original self, expecting the worse. This scenario was written as a convention play with pre-generated PCs which all have their own private messages and motivations.

Ego Hunter was written with the intention of being a standalone adventure for convention atmospheres, to be completed in 4-5 hours with up to 8 players. I ended having to split the adventure over two sessions which totalled about 7 hours in gaming time. In our first session this included 3 players and the subsequent session having 4. I would love to see how it the scenario runs with 8 players and fitting it into a 4-5 hour slot, even with pre-gen characters and people familiar with the setting I reckon it might be tough.

Going against the recommendations in the scenario I decided initially with three players that I would have three PCs:

  • Achjima beta 1, I handed all the secret messages of Achjima 1-4 to this character.
  • Nkeka, secretly posing as one of the Achjima beta forks (suggested by the Alexandrian).
  • Roque, was played as intended.
  • Park, entered the game in the second session wanting to help her friend Achjima out.

Overall, I enjoyed running this scenario, especially with characters with slightly different motivations and goals and watching the mischief unfold. With three characters nearly completely fulfilling their goals and the fourth going out in a blaze of glory. Feedback from the players was also quite positive. The scenario has ample clues and information nodes to get the players to where they need to go. I could not suggest utilising The Alexandrian’s prep notes for Ego Hunter more. The prep notes give a very concise illustration of all the clues and hooks in the adventure, they also provide a revised map for the final encounter in the air processing plant.

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3 thoughts on “Recap Eclipse Phase: Ego Hunter

  1. hamlet9000 says:

    I’ve run this scenario five times now. Of those, only one group managed to finish it in less than 5 hours. 3 groups finished it in two sessions. One group required six sessions. (They tended to create their own fun. Notably, one entire session consisted of their attempts to escape the domed city which resulted, IIRC, in one PC being run over three times by the same car. Not a car driven by their enemies, mind you: It was being driven by various PCs. In fact, one of the times he got ran over, the PC was driving the himself.)


    • tegeljerk says:

      One thing I don’t recall reading about in Ego Hunter and that the PCs were very interested in, was taking the cortical stacks of B7 & B8 and interrogating them in a simulspace. I ended up handling the interviews like they were talking to the infected Betas (since the cortical stack would still make a copy of the damaged brain). Feeding them information that would get them into to obvious trouble. But I allowed pretty easy kinesics rolls to ascertain that they were not being truthful. You have to love failed rolls right?


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