The Beast

The Beast is an erotic single player roleplaying game where I will be imagining myself having sex with the Beast. This is a journal that outlines the sexual encounters I have with the Beast. The content will be be of the mature nature. Also likely to be a lot of talk of sex so this may be very weird for most people to read.
On the 21st the journal burned or in this case deleted.

Day 1

Today was an odd day, it wasn’t just that I felt down and anxious but felt elated following my tattoo.Today was the day that I met the beast.

It came to me in the shower while I was washing the plasma off the fresh tattoo.  When she emerged from the drain. The Beast. I have sex with the Beast. It is a secret.

It’s smell remind me of the rust from the drains she comes from or perhaps that steely-coppery smell of blood. Though she looks slimy her skin feels more like scales.

I’m attracted to the Beast’s large eyes and strangely aroused by her large red lips but repulsed by what she insects she eats with those lips and the sounds she makes.

Day 2

I thought of the Beast throughout the day at brunch. I tried to keep busy; japanese, an extended bike ride and bouldering couldn’t clear my mind of her. I was anxious and excited to see her again. But the Beast was not there. I called but she didn’t come.

I was hurt, I was angry at myself. Not even the Beast could like me. I turned the shower up and clawed at my skin like she would. I took my cock into my hand and thought about what I wanted to do. I imagined her looking up at me as I would imagine her to take me in her mouth her serpentine body curled around the tightened muscles of my legs and torso.

Afterwards I still thought about how she did not come and how pathetic I must be to wait for her. Luckily, sleep came easy.

Day 3

‘Gee, Mavis, your house is across the street. That’s an awfully long way to go for making out.’ This Futurama quote comes to mind when I think about my relationship with Alex.

Friends for a couple of years we started sleeping with each other following her break with her long time boyfriend. The condition was that we weren’t dating and we could hook-up with whomever we liked just not in the presence of each other. As things are they were a little one sided. The sad sap I was I would come ‘hang out’ with her whenever she wanted but saw little reciprocation. Which obviously made me anxious.

But once I started having sex with the Beast this changed. I started turning down her requests to come round and when I did she would see the marks and ask where they were from. Eventually I figured I was getting my kicks from the Beast and ended the arrangement with Alex. Unfortunately, the separation from Alex resulted in the loss of an entire friendship group as they sided with Alex. It didn’t matter, at least that’s what I told myself.

Day 4

I’ve got used to extended periods of near sleepless nights due to an overactive mind. But since I have been fucking the Beast the periods have become longer; most interactions have extended well into the morning. The sex is ferocious and extremely tiring.

I was once a morning person waking with the rise of the sun but during these encounters with the Beast, I have been waking up later often sleeping through any alarm that is set. Luckily work is fairly flexible with work hours and getting in later has not become a problem. Getting through the day though is a struggle  I swing between delirious and depressed throughout the day. I have begun to neglect the exercise I would normally do following work being far too exhausted.

During work I wonder how long I can put up with the routine but I’m already accustomed to it and find a strange comfort that accompanies it.

Day 5

The neighbours had recently gotten a puppy, obviously for the kids but like all things the kids grew tired of the novelty of a dog and it was soon abandoned to a backyard. The creature received no attention or exercise, so instead took up the habit of barking continuously for the whole working day.

This quickly grew old especially with the sleepless night spent with the Beast. This morning I was not woken by the dog but the wails of the neighbours’ children. It turns out that their dog had been strangled overnight by a python.

The next time I went o meet with the Beast, she asked if I had liked her present. She smiled coyly as I looked a little confused. That was until I remembered that I had mentioned the troublesome dog to the Beast, pre sex. Explaining my own exhaustion. I was shocked at what the Beast was capable of. Of what she could do to me.

Day 6

The most dangerous aspect of having sex with the Beast is her Blue-orange morality. Her motivations are difficult to understand and this scares the crap out of me. She describes how she would like to crawl under my skin and wrap herself around my warm innards but she says she wouldn’t do this as this would obviously kill me.  I am uncertain if like a cat she is playing with me only to end me later when she tires of my company.

Day 7

I’ve always wondered; I live in a share house and I am not the only one that uses the bathroom. The Beast always seems to know when it is me when I approach the bathroom in the evenings. Does she also come out for the others? Are they also keeping their own secrets regarding the Beast? For certain she has to be able to sense my presence somehow. I mean I can hear her voice in the pipes that run past my window. I hear her calling out to me. Surely it is just coincidence, right?

Day 8

Fucking the Beast the first time had an intensity that accompanies surviving a run in with a wild animal. Relieved it was over but exhilarated at the same time. That first time there was no sexual protection. There was no need the Beast wasn’t human surely there weren’t any communicable disease I could catch.

After the first time that the Beast started to crush me like a boa constrictor during climax did I realise that she could very well kill me. This is why I have taped a knife underneath the lip of the bathtub. As far as protection goes it is meager, her strength simply outmatches my own. The knife acts more like a safety word; measure that is in place but can very well mean nothing.

Day 9

Having sex with the Beast can get quite messy. There are a number of things that she secretes. The first is her saliva, slightly purplish in colour. I can only describe it as an aphrodisiac, as it heightens my sexual desire. But then there is when the Beast cums, she squirts.  It’s almost lucky that the Beast and I meet exclusively in the bathroom. Makes cleaning up particularly easy.

Day 10

The Beast has peculiar dietary habits. She prefers to eat live animals, she plays with them skinning them alive before she strangles the last vestiges of life from them. She seems to relish in the pain and distress she causes to these creatures. It’s not more than a little unsettling.

It’s not as simple as getting mice or small birds the Beast likes her dinner a little larger. I got myself a possum trap especially to trap live specimens for the Beast to eat. The lie that I’ve told my housemates is that I relocate these possums so they are not disturbing us during the night. For the time being this seems to fly with them.

The problem is that eventually the possum population will become sparse. Once I run out of local pests I’m not sure what I’ll capture next, I’m sure that the neighbours would get suspicious if their pets stated to disappear.

Day 11

Nights when I don’t sleep with the Beast and I pleasure myself I think about her rippling muscles in her shoulders moving beneath her skin. I think about placing my hands on her unnaturally thin waist as I take her from behind but she coils back around me and licks at my ear.

Day 12

The Beast is not one for grand romantic gestures, in fact I don’t think she would understand the concept. Though we are ‘intimate’ and I myself respond best to the intimacy but I don’t believe this is how she shows her affection.

I think that she shows her affection through her devotion; the fact that she returns constantly and fulfills my sexual needs as well as her own. She listens to my problems and actually acts on those she could albeit sometimes eerily.

Day 13

Making the Beast orgasm requires a little bit of foreplay. She says she enjoy stoking and sucking my cock as I lick her clitoris and finger her cunt (or tease her butt). As she becomes more excited her actions become more pronounced. This is when I reorient her coiled form around me so I can more easily fuck her. This is where I enter her with one hand on her serpentine throat as she hisses filthy promises to me.

There are variations to this formula involving toys but it always finishes with her mounted on top of me to finish herself. As her hips are rocking up against me and she climaxes the sexy snake constricts around me. As my own breath tightens I cum and she releases me before the circle of darkness consumes all my vision.

Day 14

The Beast’s belly has been distended for some time now almost to the point of bursting. At first I thought she simply devoured something large but it has been growing over time. I fear that she is pregnant. I’ve never really wanted children, I mean if I was with the right person and it happened then I’d always figured I would take responsibility for my actions. But are they even mine? I mean could our DNA even intermingle? I mean will they be live births or born from eggs? Will they need the attention mammals need at birth or are they more like reptiles? Or will they eat me when they’re born? Will they look like me? ugh I feel sick thinking about it.

Day 15

One particularly humid week over the summer the Beast was a no show for for most of it. One night she slunk into our usual meeting place, she looked haggard. Scales sloughed off of her body in patches, her large eyes were saucers fractured with blood red capillaries. The skin beneath looked red and raw and was painful to the touch. I pulled out some aloe vera lotion and proceeded to gently rub the the painful looking skin. I began to apply the lotion to her hips and between her legs rubbing her inner thighs, slowly working my way to her slit. I continued to use my mouth and fingers to pleasure her, eventually taking my manhood and sliding inside slowly fucking her. This time she didn’t coil around me when she came but remained reserved.

Day 16

Today I was confronted with a grisly sight; the twisted form of a dead man. It bared the coveralls of a tradesman, his lips were blue with bulging eyes. After I got over the horror of what lay in front of me, I noticed that the hot water system had been shifted. Slowly slinking out of one the pipes emerged the Beast. She had been keeping warm in the hot water system. This was why the tradesman was called to repair it disturbing the Beast which resulted in his own death.  Quickly I put the hot water service back to what it looked like before and told the Beast to find another hiding spot so it could be properly fixed. I was forced to pack the tradie into a suitcase and transport him to a build site which was prepped to be filled in with a concrete slab and buried him there. I used the own tradie’s ute to transport him then dumped the ute in a tow away zone.

Day 17

Housemate has become wary of my disappearances lately, even over hearing conversations I’ve been having with the Beast through the pipes at night. Jokingly they would ask if I’d been bringing girl home and hinting about the lengthy midnight showers. I try to shrug it off and play it cool saying its someone I met on tinder. Standard affair NSA.

The struggle comes when the housemate drops this in normal conversation with other friends and then it it’s twenty questions. I’m forced to lie, using half believable half truths of girls I’d seen in the past.

Day 18

I write this entry following a visit from the GP. The lack of protection while fucking the Beast has resulted in an embarrassing predicament. Which landed me at the GP with my pants at my ankles. I had gotten concerned about the state of my penis following the growth of concentric nodules along the shaft. This was compounded by the with a throaty orange phlegm. The GP was perplexed by the symptoms but put me on a course of antibiotics.

Day 19

During sex the Beast would constrict leaving me at the edge of consciousness just as we’d climax. Her constriction would leave me with bruises that would wind around my torso. On one hand they were a reminder of the secret affair that was mine where a rush of adrenaline would follow the thought. But on the other hand, the marks were fair noticeable stretching up my neck and arms. For work this wasn’t too difficult to hide as I would wear long sleeve shirts with collar buttoned up hiding the worst of it.  The harder part was the summer and the call of the beach or getting a tattoo. It just required more lies. Shrug it of saying I’m into bdsm or I’d just go with a more embarrassing excuse like a rash, in hope that they just drop the subject. I suspect some of my closer friends believe something is going on but they are not too sure.

Day 20

It was always sort of fortunate that the Beast and I would have sex within the bathroom because it made washing up particularly easy. Especially because things can get rather messy with all the spittle.

Day 31

It has been 11 days since the last I saw the Beast. No farewell no breakup just silence and myself returning each night to the bathroom waiting for her. Lying in bed waiting for her to whisper to me through the pipes.

After a few days I knew she was never coming back and then it sank in I was alone again. Then my mind was awash with hundreds of other thoughts; I’m such a piece of shit that the Beast wouldn’t want to have me, your best sexual experience was with monster, you’ve deserted your friends, you have no friends left here, the Beast was the last one you had, you’re pathetic to have thought it meant anything. The thoughts would manifest before sleep (where I would weep), in the car or staring (where I would scream) or at my computer at work (where I would exhale hoping to expel the thoughts).

There was no one to yell at or beg to about this secret affair I’d told no one. At best I was surly and disagreeable to my friends and work colleagues. I was drinking more, getting drunk to the point I would lash out at those closest to me. When one friend finally confronted me about my behaviour I bought a journal and wrote down what I remembered of my affair with the Beast and now I stand here writing my last entry in front of a fire; to burn this effigy. In hopes it will help relieve me…

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