Melbourne Bet – A Wormverse Campaign – Parahuman Capes (Blacklight)


 Having established themselves properly in the last few years, Blacklight rapidly made themselves a fixture in the city. Rumoured to have interests in the majority of businesses on the north end of Melbourne, it is unclear exactly where Blacklight are basing themselves from, or how far their influence extends.


Having built Blacklight from the ground up around her through single minded determination, Heartache is a cold and ruthless businesswoman. Her power appears to instill a low level influence over people around her, causing them to fall in love with her and, over the long term, become impossibly loyal pawns.

Space Cowboy

Previously operated solo under the alias ‘Fingerbang’. Has the ability to fire rapid salvos of lasers from his fingertips. Born in Sydney, he left after Leviathan’s attack devastated the city. After spending some time in Queensland providing low level enforcement for a local villain he moved down to Melbourne and fell in with Heartache. He rapidly became her right hand man, proving himself capable leading her other capes in the field.


With the ability to momentarily freeze time for everyone other than      herself, while emitting a bewildering, strobing flash, Tasedancer offers Blacklight their primary muscle. After a recent skirmish, Southern Star speculated that Tasedancer might have some form of cognitive disorder, that she had seemed barely responsive and had needed to be shepherded into the fight by Space Cowboy.


Having worked alongside Space Cowboy in Queensland, Glitterbomb was recruited to fill a gap in Blacklight left after a previous member split from the group. His power lets him dissolve into a cloud of metallic flakes.

White Rabbit

Adopted by Heartache in mysterious circumstances, White Rabbit is a Tinker with a specialty in chemistry. She uses this ability to supply the group with improbable drugs that cause impossible effects. One of the youngest publicly operating capes in the city.

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