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2018 Golden Cobra Challenge

This year for the Golden Cobra Challenge I am greatly honoured to have found out that I had won the 2018 Award for Best Game About Something No One Writes About with my addition Polka Pillow Production.

The Golden Cobra Challange is a fantastic repository of short simple freeform larps, I have used the entries on a number of occasions at our Weekly One Shots here in Brisbane.

After the anxiety I got when writing my entry for the 2017 challenge, I figured that I would save myself the stress and skip 2018. Unfortunately, driving home from work after finding out about the challenge and the ingredients, I couldn’t help myself and found myself writing up ideas.

  • The first thing that came to mind for the ingredient pillow was an old Slovenian folk dance from my youth we nicknamed the pillow dance.
  • The second idea was for an easily scale-able game of speed dating for the Animals of Farthing Wood.

By the time I had driven home I had a very rough concept for a game that utilises polka as a key mechanic. Inspired by those dances from my youth which mimicked common, daily rituals, weaving well-worn tasks with rich music and dance.