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Rex’s Reverie

Location: Lake Michigan

Date: Days after the Challenge

Rex looked down at the parchment laid out in front of him, his fountain pen in hand. His gaze is drawn to the protection bracelet at his wrist. It is a precaution to protect his mind. Enchanted by an upcoming marshal and diviner from his very house; Beatrix.

He had made many new friends at the challenge, most of which he’d never see again. He wished he had not placed his compass in that time capsule. If he had it now he could enchant it and check up on his friends. Everyone felt so far away and it made the future so much more difficult to bear.

A large blot formed and swelled on the parchment as Rex became lost in reverie. He should actually helped Ilyah when she asked with that blasted scar. Why hadn’t he? Too busy fixing curses? Too busy with the Challenge? Too busy networking?¬†Wasn’t there to support her at the wedding and now where was she? Preparing to face Slager alone? Had the marshals gotten to her?

He needed that damn compass! He slammed the table with the meat of his palm and the ink vial jumped off the table and clattered on the ground.

Rex looked at the ink soaking into the canvas floor of his tent and sighed. There was no point wallowing in self pity he reminded himself. The only way to affect ones future was to effectively make those changes in the present. And what was his current situation? A lifetime conscription to the mermaid wars? No his service would end when either war ended or his life ended. No more war no more conscription. This left two options; hope they will finish themselves off quickly or unification of the great lake mermaids and ensure a lasting peace.

Stop the war. Easier said than done. It’s time the Magimundi see what is happening at the great lakes and unless they want the mermaids to go the way of the Sasquatch they’d better do something. All the lakes needed was a little publicity. With that the tip of the fountain pen began to scratch its way across the parchment.

Dear Mr Damian Wills,

They say that life is stranger than fiction and it doesn’t get any stranger than on the front-line. But don’t draw you focus to the marshals and the mermaid fighters you should draw your focus on the Magi Frontier, the expert healers working on these soldiers. Not only do they have to deal with the everyday pressures of a expert healer from supply shortages to overwhelming numbers of injured. The patients themselves range from mermaids from either tribe, mundanes and marshals. This becomes a disastrous interpersonal resulting in constant conflict. And don’t forget how the healers deal with these everyday pressures turning to satire, alcohol and sex.

This is reality radio drama at its finest.


Your man on the ground.

Rex Bellwether

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