Melbourne Bet – A Wormverse Campaign – Reflections (Pressure Point)

The fight was over as quickly as it escalated. Glitterbomb dissolved into scintillating dust cloud and retreated into the drains, an unconscious thug that had been walking on the ceiling dropped unceremoniously from onto a  table, collapsing under his weight. Wrighteous was attempting to get up with very little luck, the glass in her goggles were cracked from a blow to head. I lead her to a booth and sat the girl down.

The ringing in my ears reminded me of the shots fired by the moustachioed man in a red coat. Liarbird was arguing with him about the use of fire arms. I was about to add my two cents when something hit the pavement that once looks like Black Light goon I had sucked out the window. Whatever effect they were under was now gone and he’d plummeted to his death. I stood there stunned, I had taken up the mantle of Pressure Point to continue her good work not to kill people. I’d taken up the Tin Man’s jobs to support the original Pressure Point’s kid.

I was brought out of my reverie by a tremendous crash followed by a car alarm, my eyes tore of the corpse towards the alley behind me. Liarbird, the moustachioed man in the red coat and I walked over to find the black sedan, its roof crumpled in with the remains of Space Cowboy and Deadbeat.

“My car,” groaned Moustache. Collectively, all three us drew gasps as we saw movement from one of the crumpled bodies in the wrecked roof of the car. It was Deadbeat returning to the land of the living. I wretched at the appearance of his bones popping back into place and his overall appearance morphing from the thin white haired man into a svelte dark skinned youth.

The ‘new’ Deadbeat hopped off the top of the car attempted to dust himself off but most of it was blood and said something over the alarms. He foraged through Space Cowboy’s jumpsuit and pulled out a white powder and pocketed it. Moustache’s mouth hung open as he pulled the keys out of his pocket to quiet the blaring of the car alarm.

“It’s definitely Black Light,” he repeated as he lead us back to the bar shouldering Moustache on the way past. “Is this the dickhead with the gun?”

“Watch your mouth boy,” growled Mustache.

“Yeah, keep your distance. That’s Bloodhound, he’s a bounty hunter. Striker/Master, requires touch,” Liarbird stated almost mechanically.

Once back inside the bar Deadbeat grabbed a bottle off the shelf. His mouth opened as if to haul more abuse at this Bloodhound, when he was cut off by a distinct thudding sound coming from the fridge. For a second or two no one stirred then Bloodhound pulled out his gun again and pointed it at Deadbeat. “You lot have gotten in my way enough already today now open that fridge and tell me what you see.” He Demanded.

“Go ahead,” Deadbeat scoffed stretching his arms wide taking a swig from the bottle.

Bloodhound reconsidered his initial action and decided to point the gun at me. “Fire that gun at anyone and you’ll find that the barrel of your gun will be blocked and I doubt you will enjoy pulling the trigger.” This was definitely in the scope of my power albeit difficult. To maintain the charade I have always tried to mimic Pressure Point’s powers as best as I could. Bloodhound considered this for a moment or two and lowered the pistol. My heart continued to pound in my chest.

“Great, Deadbeat could you open the fridge and let us know what is in there.” Liarbird said very business-like. Deadbeat shrugged and opened the walk in refrigerator and disappeared inside for a moment. He re-emerged propping up a girl with multi-coloured hair and makeup, her hands were bound and mouth was gagged with a rag, she was dressed in the motorcycle jumpsuit common to Black Light.

“Ok, so who is she,” Liar Bird asked Bloodhound motioning with a tilt of her head.

“ Alice D. she’s a Black Light defector. I am tasked to retrieve her unharmed,” he replied. The phone in my pocket vibrated the others also seemed to react to their phones. I pulled mine from my pocket. The message was curt from PRG and Eureka are on their way.

“We’re running out of time here Eureka are on their way,” I added to the conversation. Everyone bar Wrighteous seemed to want to be somewhere very far away right now.

“Deadbeat, what did Space Cowboy say?” Asked Liarbird.

“Their tinker White Rabbit is cooking up drugs one called Pixie Dust to allow them to walk on the roof and one that affects powers ,” he replied pulling the Pixie Dust drug from his pocket.

“Ok, we get out of here now and reconvene to break out the kid in the Parahuman Ward at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.”

“No, we get captured,” Wrighteous had not spoken for a while and everyone turned to her. “Wait, hear me out. We’re parahumans and we’re injured. There’s no better solution they’ll send us straight to the Parahuman Ward.”

“Great you get captured I’m out of here with Alice,” grunted Bloodhound. Alice D seemed to squirm at that, trying to talk through the gag. Deadbeat removed it.

“I’m in. Anything to fuck with Heartache and her crew,” the colourful woman asserted.

“Out of the question I’m getting paid for your safe return.”

“ Well then you’re going to have get me ‘out’ safe,” came Alice’s rebuttal.

“Great! Not all of us need to get captured just me, Alice and someone with firepower,” Wrighteous said turning to me my eyes then continued. “The rest of you will wait for us outside in case we need some outside assistance. What are you waiting for tie us up and lock us in the fridge?”

 Alice D, Wrighteous and I were then locked in the fridge to wait for Eureka to rescue us. While the other three left with the vans to wait on our orders. Once sealed inside we began to sort out our story to tell the police. It turned out Alice D had some sort of hallucination inducing powers.

Alice D, Wrighteous and I were locked in the fridge to wait for Eureka to rescue us. While the other three left with the vans to waiting on further word. Once sealed inside we began to sort out our stories for the police. Alice D was a peculiar girl, she was garbed in the same motorcycle jumpsuit as the rest of Black Light though it seemed to have been designed by Pollock, colours swirled and ran through each other, giving the outfit the look of motley. Her hair was predominantly green, though the tips dipped in fuchsia, the roots appeared  to be her natural colour. With the makeshift gag now hanging round her neck Alice was free to enlighten us on her ability.

I was barely listening to Wrighteous disseminate the situation, she had killed someone. The crumpled form of the Black Light thug was a grim reminder of the death of the original Pressure Point. It should have been me. The first time I was supposed to die instead Pressure Point died and I was cursed with these powers.

I was brought out of my reverie by sirens muffled by the insulated walls of the walk-in fridge. It was then we began  to shout and kick the fridge door.

The door was pried open and inside the doorway was a PRG officer from the Australian Federal Police clad in black body armour, shotgun and suppression foam at his belt.

“… three probable capes, appear to be bound and injured. Otherwise, clear,” The black clad figure spoke into a headset. We waited until the bar was cleared by the PRG with a shotgun pointed at us. The Tin Man was right  Eureka was here, while waiting for the bar to be clear I spied the unstoppable heroine Valkyrie. Clad in steel armour, her blonde hair flowed through the top of an ornate helm, she was armed with a buckler and a halberd.

It wasn’t until we were escorted outside that we saw the extent of the response. The street had been cordoned off by police cars, a Parahuman Response Group truck stood off to one side and ambulances on the other. In the sky floated Southern Star dressed in his flashy union jack and southern star emblazoned armour. Beside the PRG truck stood Mirage garbed in an Arabian Nights-esque style and a Sergeant Mitchel, the head of the PRG. The athletic woman held a radio in a clearly artificial arm. She appeared to be listening to some instructions then approached us.

“Divide them up I want to question them before they are moved to the Royal Melbourne,”  Sergeant Mitchel ordered our escort, they followed the order without word are escorted us to separate areas of the cordon.

I waited as Sergeant Mitchel questioned the other two I stared as the forensic team began taken crime scene photos of the dead. I wondered how the police had sold the story of the death of Rachael, the real Pressure Point to her family.

“Pressure Point,” the Sergeant stated. I looked up from my seat at the edge of the ambulance, she seemed weary up close, circles under her eyes. “You’ve been off the grid for some time and the next time you show up, you’re involved with Black Light.”

I considered answering but kept my mouth shut, figuring she’d met the last Pressure Point.

“What were you doing back there in the fridge with those other two?” The Sergeant continued.

“What did it look like we were doing?” I asked rhetorically. “Black Light got the drop on us.”

“Then why were you all cozy in there with a known Black Light member?”

I stared her down.

“I’m not going anywhere anytime soon and you’re not going to get any medical aid until I am satisfied with your story,” she threatened.

I exhaled. “Alice D is a defector. Wrighteous and I were there to bail her out. Get some information on Black Light. Unfortunately, they got the drop on us. Locked us in the fridge. What happened while we were inside I have no idea.”

“Is that so?” Sergeant Mitchel motioned for a paramedic to approach. “Just tell me, why didn’t someone with your ability simply break free from your makeshift cell?”

I couldn’t help but look towards the others. “I guess I was just waiting for the right time.”

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