Black Hole Bluff

It’s finally here! Last month’s adventure is a little late due to my Korea/Japan vacation.

In this adventure the Doctor and his companions are pitted against a cult of logicians planning on using a causal feedback loop for their own benefit. The characters arrive at Synch Hole station, a particle accelerator in orbit around a super massive black hole experimenting with temporal particles. Upon arrival the crew seem to be acting strange and facts don’t seem to add up.

Black Hole Bluff is an adventure written for use with the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game. It is intended to act as a standalone adventure but can be used as a precursor to Andromeda Burns of The Temporal Master campaign.

Due to my little holiday and scheduling issues, I’ve also fallen behind on presenting this adventure to my group. This means you will be the first to see it but this also means I’m not entirely sure how this scenario plays out. This means I am eager to hear your suggestions and questions. Please find the adventure here

The next adventure will be the next major arc of the Temporal Masters campaign, Andromeda Burns. I endeavor to get this completed this month but running late as I am might make it difficult.

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The Master Plan

This month I present the next installment of the Temporal Masters Campaign… the Master Plan.

A defector is in the care of the Bi-galactic Time Enforcers (FKA Tri-galactic Time Enforcers). The defector has information about the Doctor’s granddaughter, Donna. News that she is dying on the planet of Apalapucia, a planet once visited by the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory. A planet that is home to a deadly disease that kills Time Lords.

The Master Plan was originally cooked up by the Alexandrian and features a familiar enemy that has insinuated themselves into the early history of the Temporal Masters. This is an adventure intended for use with the Temporal Masters campaign, the Twelfth Doctor and his companions.

During this campaign I had two major concerns; one was how to handle the Alliance of the Daleks adventure (which I am pretty happy with now) and how the Temporal Masters came to be. Regarding the TMs origins I wanted it to make a certain amount of sense drawing on canon but I kept it slightly convoluted because…well its Doctor Who. I will actually be very interested to hear what you think with how I handled their creation within the adventure.

As always the collected adventures from each month can be found here and be sure to leave and comments or feedback. Hope you enjoy.

Till next time…

Ps. Next month I will be travelling abroad so for those of you waiting in anticipation for the next adventure. Heads up. I am very likely to be late in delivering it.

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The Genesis Extermination

This month I present the sequel of sorts to Alliance of the Daleks and next major installment in the Temporal Masters campaign. The Genesis  Extermination.

Following the events surrounding the Time Lock Accords and the negotiations Human/Dalek negotiations, the Doctor and his companions find themselves aboard the Dalek saucer ship where the Daleks demand that they save them. They have intel that the Temporal Masters plan to destroy the Daleks at their genesis, destroying their timeline. They demand that the Doctor return to Skaro and stop the abortion of the Dalek timeline. The Doctor and his companions must make a decision; save the Daleks and the alliance’s best chance of overcoming the Temporal Masters or allow them to be destroyed, purging time of the Daleks but changing it forever. The Doctor must also be wary as he is stepping into his own timeline and must affect it as little as possible.

The Genesis Extermination was originally cooked up by the Alexandrian and takes place during the events of the classic Doctor Who episode Genesis of the Daleks staring Tom Baker as the Doctor. The player characters will be adventuring within the events of this surrounding the creation of the Daleks, interacting with characters from the classic episode and rooting out the Temporal Masters. This adventure is a turning point for the campaign setting where choices made and their consequences will colour the rest of the campaign.

Research for this adventure was particularly fun, predominantly involved watching the Genesis of the Daleks serial. For inspiration I also took the time to watch classic Star Trek episodes; The Trouble with Tribbles and Trial and Tribble’ations.

For this adventure I took a slightly different approach and tried to outline the main events and characters from the original Genesis of the Daleks but also provide motivation and inspiration for the GM to integrate their player characters into the Fourth Doctors events.

As always the collected adventures from each month can be found here and be sure to leave and comments or feedback. Hope you enjoy.

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Alliance of the Daleks

Alliance of the Daleks is the next installment of monthly Doctor Who Roleplaying adventures. This adventure is the next major arc for the Temporal Masters campaign first envisioned by the Alexandrian.

The Doctor and his companions are contacted after delegations of the Time Lock Accord are overdue.  After travelling to the strange planet Nomdor they become integral in forming an alliance between the Great and Bountiful Human Empire and Dalek Empire.

I had a been concerned about this adventure since I first started writing the campaign. I had a vague map of what I wanted to do overall and for each adventure but Alliance of the Daleks had always been filed away as future Martin’s problem. If I recall my notes I only had one; Dalek❤ Humans.

My greatest concern was how I would handle the first part of what would be essentially a two-parter between Alliance of the Daleks and the Genesis Extermination. The Alexandrian’s description of this leg of the campaign was ‘The Doctor proves instrumental in forging an alliance between the Human and Dalek Empires.’

I went back and re-watched The Trial of a Time Lord (surprisingly my favourite Colin Baker episodes) and the Deadly Assassin serials. These are both the episodes are effectively divided into the trial and adventuring that proves to help solve the trial aspect. I tried to emulate that within this adventure.

I also wanted for the Doctor and his companions (particularly his companions) to have some invested interest in 53rd century politics, prior to the events of The Genesis Extermination. Recently,  Doctor Who has a couple of examples where he has mediated discussions between two parties but allowed the final decision to come from those parties (Day of the Doctor and Zygon Inversion). Kill the Moon was a case where Clara was a part of this discussion even though she was not a ‘local’.

You can find Alliance of the Daleks and past adventures here.

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Fugue State

Fugue State is April’s adventure for the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game.

After colliding with a temporal anomaly in the time vortex the player characters find themselves in 1915 Providence. Upon arrival they see a young HP Lovecraft being escorted into a coach. Background atron energy radiates from the man. This adventure perfect for a time travelling or even time agency adventures. Inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft, Fugue State deals with some of the themes seen throughout Lovecraft‟s work in particular; forbidden knowledge and inherited guilt.

I was torn between two concepts for this month’s adventure, unable to choose between; an adventure featuring David Cronenberg or one featuring HP Lovecraft. Though I really wanted to run a horror adventure with body horror themes familiar with Videodrome, Scanners and Naked Lunch, in the end I chose to go with Lovecraft in the end because the Lovecraft’s themes of inherited guilt tied in with the greater campaign’s theme of progeny.

Please find the adventure here. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding the adventure don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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The Riot

This month’s adventure was strongly inspired by a blog entry posted on Siskoid Blog of Geekery (check the site out it has some great write ups).  The original post Adventure Seed: Burning Police-boxes told of the Hibiya Riots in Tokyo following the Russo-Japanese war in the early 1900s when protestors and rioters burned police-boxes.

The adventure; The Riot is set during this period during the riots. It is written in the style of the First Doctor where player characters will be exploring alien cultures rather than stopping alien threats. Though intended to be a First Doctor adventure it could be easily adapted for any other time traveler crew.

Along with The Riot I have also uploaded Prelude, a supplement for The Riot to introduce the Doctor’s Granddaughter Donna to the Temporal Masters campaign. The Prelude is intended to be used as a prelude to the adventure where the Doctor meets his granddaughter and invites her into the Tardis. Included in the supplement is background on Donna and a character sheet so she can be played as a PC. Including Donna in The Riot is intended to mirror the First Doctor and Susan’s adventures and it will foreshadow things to come in the campaign.

Feel free to use the adventure in your next game and if you have any comments or feedback you may have.

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Dawn of the Temporal Masters

Another month, another Doctor Who adventure. Dawn of the Temporal Masters continues straight after the events of Something Old, Something New, this is also the second adventure of The Alexandrian’s Temporal Masters campaign arc.

In this adventure the Doctor and his companions are brought to the Neversphere, headquarters of the Tri-Galactic Time Enforcers where they slowly learn of what has happened to time and space. While on the Neversphere the Doctor and his companions are embroiled in a murder mystery. Can they figure out who the murderer is before they themselves are killed?

This is a cozy mystery starring the nosiest of busybodies, the Doctor and his amateur sleuths.

Dawn of the Temporal Masters and the other Temporal Masters adventures will be collected here. Please, run the adventure for yourself and leave me any comments or suggestions.

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Something Old, Something New

I am not one to make new year’s resolutions but I made a goal for myself towards the end of 2015. For 2016 I set myself a task to create an adventure a month. My poison? Cubicle 7’s Doctor Who Roleplaying Game. Each month I will post an adventure inspired by the campaign arc The Temporal Masters conceived by the Alexandrian, some of these adventures could easily be adapted for your own adventure.

Something Old, Something New (originally called The Doctor’s Granddaughter in the Alexandrian’s campaign outline) is an adventure where upon receiving a wedding invitation travels billions of year into the future to a Vegas-like space-liner with a spectacular view of the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies colliding. There he is reunited with someone he thought dead and is quickly embroiled in local affairs.

The adventure is written to run between 4-6 hours and with 2-4 characters.

I will collect the adventures I write up here. Feel free to leave any feedback or comments.

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A Conversion Before Christmas

Two weekends ago the last session of RPGs for 2015 was marked with a Christmas themed adventure of Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space (though it’s probably called Doctor Who Roleplaying Game now). The scenario was written by myself with the intention of introducing characters to a Twelfth Doctor campaign in the new year. Considering the season and Doctor Who style I decided to do this with a Christmas theme.

Titled A Conversion Before Christmas, it is an adventure that was inspired by some of my favourite Christmas pop-culture of the last 20-odd years; Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, Futurama’s Tale of Two Santas, and Simpson’s Grift of the Magi. In this adventure the players arrive in Lincoln, Lincolnshire Christmas Eve to find the city decorated, ready for Christmas but something is amiss… the city of approximately 150,000 is silent, the streets deserted.

The adventure was written to star the Twelfth Doctor and his companions but can be easily run with different characters. It is a standalone adventure and can be easily slotted into an ongoing campaign and runs for about 3-5 hours.

As this is a beginning of an ongoing campaign I plan to post an adventure a month (depending on how long it takes me to edit the final document) beginning with A Conversion Before Christmas. I invite you to give the adventure a go and if you have any comments, suggestions or questions (if you are from the City of Lincoln please go easy on me).

Please find the adventure here.

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Melbourne Bet – A Wormverse Campaign – Reflections (Southern Star)

Incident Report

 I responded to a call for assistance from Eureka member Valkyrie approximately 12:55 during what sounded to be an escalating incident with suspects with possible Black Light ties apprehended earlier in the day. Stranger/Changer protocol was initiated at Valkyries suggestion. I approached the Royal Melbourne Hospital by air ahead of PRG and Hephaestus.

When approaching the entrance to emergency I was intercepted by Bloodhound (Striker 2 Master 4) and a second assailant. The second assailant was a man in his mid-twenties, dark complexion, dressed in a black leotard. Bloodhound was armed with a pistol and fired off a few shot that were deflected by my force fields. The second assailant engaged me in close combat so I took to the sky. The second assailant snorted some unknown substance and proceeded to float, grappling me in the process. Bloodhound continued to fire without any regard for his companion.

The second assailant’s ability to float dragged me from my floating force field and we began to ascend slowly into the air. Around this time I noticed that the detainees from earlier in the day (Alice Dee, Wrighteous and Pressure Point) emerged from the emergency entrance with other suspect, Daniel Hacking before loading into two different white vans. It was at this time that Hephaestus and PRG arrived. Over the radio I heard that the vans broke through Hephaestus and the PRG response vehicle was on pursuit with Sergeant Mitchel.

Eventually I managed to shake the second assailant who appeared be unable to control his ascent into the sky. I left him to float while I went in pursuit of the two vans and PRG.

The chase had already hit the freeway by the time I arrived by air. The PRG vehicle was already assaulting one of the vans. The other van could be seen in the distance leading the chase. Sergeant Mitchel was on the roof of the trailing van, injection suppression foam into the cabin with her artificial arm.

I left the PRG vehicle to pursuit the leading van, this one sported the tell-tale scars of Hephaestus’ mace. Once within range of the leading van two things happened I began to see things like in a hallucination and  I was attacked by what seemed at the time to be a missile but in hindsight was a fire extinguisher shot at me. This make-shift missile exploded on one of my shields obscuring me in white powder/gas. Struggling to see and to breath I descended and hit the asphalt which threw me off my force field. It took me a moment or two to get my bearings, getting into the air just before the trailing van nearly ran me down.

I managed to follow the trailing van at distance before they headed into Bedlam territory. I reported the news and was ordered to stand down.

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