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The Beast: Review

My favourite part in the movie Se7en is during the Lust sin reveal. We are not privy to a seeing the crime unfold or really see much of the aftermath. All we see is a Polaroid of the ‘murder’ weapon and its up to our own imagination to put the pieces together.

Alek­san­dra Son­towska and Kamil Węgrzynow­icz’s The Beast pits your imagination with in the unreal situation where you are having a secret affair with an alien creature. The Beast is a solitaire roleplaying game where one keeps an erotic journal of this carnal sex. The game is not just about the sex but how you feel about your relationship with the Beast and how it effects your daily life and your other relationships.

The game is designed to be played over the course of 21 days where each day you pull a card with a topic or question and you are urged to describe the events in your journal. There are a variety of questions; my favourite being “The Beast wasn’t there when you came to visit. How do you satisfy yourself?” The cards themselves are beautifully designed and if you buy the pdf set print out nicely.

At the end of the 21 days you are urged to hide or destroy the journal. As I have used this blog as the journal I plan to leave the journal post up for a couple of weeks before deleting it. There’s a lot of bleed in there so get in there and pick apart my brain.

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