Whovian RPG Adventures

For the next year I will be writing up  an adventure a month utilising the Doctor Who The Roleplaying Game. The campaign itself will follow the key episodes of the Temporal Masters, a campaign arc conceived by the Alexandrian. This page will be collect these adventures for your own inspiration or campaign ideas. A special mention goes out to Siskoid who inspired the adventure; The Riot.

Feel free to leave any comments regarding any questions about the adventure. I would love to hear your feedback.

  1. A Conversion Before Christmas
  2. Something Old, Something New (aka The Doctor’s Granddaughter)
  3. Dawn of the Temporal Masters
  4. The Riot with supplement Prelude (Donna)
  5. Fugue State
  6. Alliance of the Daleks
  7. The Genesis Extermination
  8. The Master Plan
  9. Black Hole Bluff
  10. Andromeda Burns
  11. Another World
  12. Time Lord Ascendant
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