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Sneak Peek: Doctor Who Temporal Master Sourcebook

tmcoverimageHere is a sneak peek of the cover for the unauthorised Doctor Who Sourcebook for the Temporal Master setting. The Temporal Master campaign was created by Justin Alexander of the Alexandrian and written by myself. The sourcebook is not authorised by BBC or Cubicle 7 and is a fan made sourcebook.

Once completed the sourcebook will compile the individual adventures written for the Temporal Masters campaign written over the course of 2016.

It will also act as a guide for creating your own alternate adventures in the Temporal Master setting. This will elaborate on what was covered in November’s edition, Another World.

At this juncture I have not got a schedule for completion of the final product. Once I get an idea of how InDesign works, I will be able to give a better estimate of the time required to complete the project.


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Another World

The penultimate addition of monthly Whovian adventures has taken slightly different turn. This month’s edition Another World, is a bit more of a source book delving into the effect the Temporal Masters have on the timeline. The original inspiration for the campaign came from the Alexandrian.

The first chapter takes a look at the direct effect the Temporal Masters’ have on the established timeline and takes a look at alternate histories and integrating them into your campaign.

The second chapter tackles the Doctor, his companions and the Tardis and how they may react or adapt to the influence of an altered timeline.

Chapter three takes a look at the Temporal Master agenda, command structure and strategies.

Finally, chapter four presents two adventure hooks. Simulation Hypothesis takes place within the Temporal Masters’ Matrix while they are running a simulation, the Doctor and his companions must find a way through without getting killed in the process. The second adventure finds companions in another lifetime remembering events that never happened, especially an eccentric character calling himself the Doctor, they soon find themselves in an odd conspiracy.

I have been planning to collect all the adventures up on the blog into one Temporal Masters Sourcebook which I hope to include a fleshed out version of this month’s addition.

As with all of my uploads I welcome any feedback or criticism.

Be sure to stay tuned for the final instalment of the Temporal Masters campaign, Time Lord Ascendant.

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Andromeda Burns

Few races have wielded the power to destroy a galaxy. The last were the Time Lords when their waged their time war with the Daleks. They unleashed untold devastation using super weapons from the Omega Arsenal. It is only fitting when the Temporal Masters would unearth one of these great weapons and turning it against the Andromeda galaxy.

After previously witnessing the abrupt disappearance of the Andromeda galaxy, the Doctor and his companions have travelled back in time before the galaxy’s destruction. There they find themselves within a maze station circling the super massive black hole. Stranger still are the prisoners of war made to run the maze pursued by Weeping Angels.

Can the Doctor and his companions navigate this maze and stop the Temporal Masters from destroying the Andromeda galaxy?

Andromeda Burns is an adventure written for the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game. It is the next arc of the Temporal Masters campaign setting created by the Alexandrian. Though it is intended for the the campaign setting it could be easily adapted for single play.

As always I would love to hear your feedback especially since I have published the adventure before getting an opportunity to run it with my group. The adventure can be found here.

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Melbourne Bet – A Wormverse Campaign – Parahuman Capes (Parahuman Response Group)

Parahuman Response Group

PRG or ‘Purge’

With a smaller population density Australia naturally had fewer parahumans than other nations to cope with, as a result the Parahuman Response Group was not formed until parahuman syndicates had already gained a foothold. Training is extensive, focusing on tactical scenarios with various power classifications, physical training, as well as weapons training, everything from rifles and shotguns to foambow and shock batons. Teams are equipped with armoured vehicles, firearms as well as the foambow, a device that looks similar to a grenade launcher that attaches to a shotgun that fires bolts which contain a head of containment foam.  In Melbourne, PRG works closely with the corporate sponsored cape team Eureka. Recently new to the role Sergeant Mitchel has been nurturing a parahuman-phobic atmosphere. This has proved difficult at times especially with maverick members of Eureka like Southern Star.

Sergeant Kate Mitchel

 In her early thirties, she is a fit woman, with a massive tinker-made arm that billows steam. She was originally trained as an officer in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), specialising in counter-parahuman warfare. She is now the lead officer for the Parahuman Response Group (PRG) for the Australian Federal Police (AFP). Taking the role after she lost an arm during Southern Star’s trigger event and awoke later in the hospital with a tinker powered replacement made by Eureka cape, Hephaestus. She never had much love for parahumans after being dismissed from the army, losing an arm and  gaining a grotesquery she thoroughly hates capes, taking a very front-line approach to operations.

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Melbourne Bet – A Wormverse Campaign – Reflections (Deadbeat)

“What happened to your beautiful face?” crooned the blonde, delicately running the her manicured fingers across the shiner on my cheekbone.

“Rough day at the office,” I winced playfully.

“Aww, what happened,” asked her friend a brunette with a low-cut dress.

It had been a while since I had occupied an attractive body, perfect teeth, dark, tall, irresistible. “You been heard of these Spontaneous Triggers at local clubs recently?” each nodded. “Well, me and my team were employed to look into it.  We started with the latest case down at Billboards with the kid that turned people into glass. We checked out security footage of the night the kid went on his glassing spree and shook down the bartender working the night.  It all pointed to Bla…” I paused as the bartender pointed in my direction. “Scotch and coke and two of whatever these ladies are having,” I said indicating the blonde and brunette.

“All signs pointed to Blacklight peddling some drug. So we head straight to the problem, right into Blacklight territory, to a seedy bar called the Rochester Castle,” the bar tender returned with our drinks and I motioned over to a booth. The ladies followed, I slumped into the chair and continued my story.

 “So we’re at the Rochester and me, aerophile and pressure chick break into the joint. Seems like the bartender we were squeezing for information snitched on us because they were waiting for us,” we had actually got a tip from the bartender but went anyway being one of the few leads we had. “Just as I went to pour myself a drink at the bar, they showed themselves. Space Cowboy decked out in his space helmet and silver jumpsuit and two lackeys, standing on the ceiling.”

 “So I’m there, at the bar standing with a bottle of scotch, top shelf shit right and tumbler. And Space Cowboy’s like ‘Who sent you,’ and I’m like ‘I’ll tell ya when you tell what’s going on’. Then he’s all like ‘You’re in no position to bargain’ and I say ‘That we could discuss this over a drink’ and I take a sip then hurl the tumbler of whisky right at his stupid helmet.” The two women leaned in closer to hear over the thrumming bass of the club.

“I gotta admit the guy is fast, he blasted the glass mid-air with a laser from his finger. This gave me a enough time to duck behind the bar when he started shooting in my direction. I ran the length of the counter half crouched over, as all hell broke loose. I closed the gap between Spacecowboy and me, I swung him with the bottle of whisky from the floor while he tried to shoot me with his finger lasers.”

“ I got some good hit on Space, I had him, smashed open the visor of his helmet. Then Glitterbomb attacked in his glitter form blinding and choking me. That’s when I took a couple of laser blasts. I also heard some gun fire but that ended when Pressure Point sucked one of the goons on the ceiling and Glitterbomb out the window. Nearly sucked me right out with ’em.”

“That goon right, he fell straight into the sky, funniest shit I’d ever seen,” I laughed to myself. “I spent a second watching the guy fall and Glitterbomb tussle with the shooter and turned back to see Space limping away on the ceiling back towards the pissers.”

“I leg it after him bust in the loo and he’s climbing out the bathroom window with powder all over the front of his shattered helmet. He fell with a gentle thud onto a parked car in an alley. I followed but he was waiting for me and threw some powder in my face. I felt light headed high but it wasn’t just the sensation of being high, I began falling into the sky like that other poor sap,” the parahuman groupies leaned in close.

“As my world turned upside down I grabbed onto Space taking him with me and we both fell up into the sky. As we fall I ask him “What is this shit? How longs it last.” As if answering my statement the other goon plummeted back down to earth. With fear in his eyes he says,”Not long. Pixie Dust, it gets you high, one of White Rabbits tinker drugs.””

“I shake him a little, I reckon I could smell himself shitting his bricks, so I press him further, “We’re both going to die so why not tell me what have you been handing to those kids?” Resigned he mutters, “It’s another of White Rabbits drugs, ‘spose to give temporary powers to potential parahumans. We’ve been looking….” He was cut off abruptly as the drug wore off and we both fell to the ground.”

“But how did you survive?” one of the girls asked.

“Babe, I’m bloody immortal.”

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Melbourne Bet – A Wormverse Campaign – The Setting

Just five years after Scion’s first appearance, the superheroes emerged from the cover of rumor and secrecy to show themselves to the public. Though the villains followed soon after, it was the heroes who shattered any illusions of the parahumans being divine figures. In 1989, attempting to quell a riot over a basketball game in Michigan, the superhero known to the public as Vikare stepped in, only to be clubbed over the head. He died not long after of a brain embolism.

The golden age of the parahumans was thus short lived. They were not the deific figures they had appeared to be. Parahumans were, after all, people with powers, and people are flawed at their core. Government agencies took a firmer hand; in America the Protectorate was wormed, a government funded and nationally coordinated team of superheroes to support the beleaguered Parahuman Response Team, a new branch of the emergency services.

In Australia, events took a different turn. The Bathory Massacres, occurring just months after harsh gun control reforms, were one of the most catastrophic acts of parahuman violence to date. With this setting public sentiment so strongly against the dangers posed by parahuman individuals, Melbourne became host to a superhuman game of hide and seek, with illegally operating teams of vigilante heroes working against the inevitable surge of parahuman villainy in what was effectively an unprotected city.

This led to an escalating war over the streets of Melbourne, with under-equipped and overtasked emergency services attempting to keep the city together in the face of constant parahuman violence. It was only years later that the legal provisions were created to allow a newly formed team to work alongside emergency services in a role similar to that played by the Protectorate. Privately funded and corporate sponsored, Eureka is led by Southern Star, a hero drawn directly from the police force after a very public trigger event on camera. Their formation has sparked a whole new debate regarding parahumans. A controversial bill has been introduced in parliament that, if passed, will force any superheroes operating in Australia to register both civilian and parahuman identities in a national database.

Melbourne itself is still recovering, with large swathes of the city claimed by assorted villainous gangs and warlords and others under the rather dubious ‘protection’ of vigilante teams. It is an uncertain time, the city on a tipping point between being restored to order and descending into anarchy.

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