Christmas 2016

With the last adventure of the Temporal Masters finally under wraps, it’s got me thinking about what I will be working on in 2017.

Over the holidays I am planning on playing through the Beast the unsettling erotic game for one. I will be completing the journal for this game on this blog for the next 21 days. After that the journal will be lost. I expect there to be a little bleed through in this game, also probably adult themes.

I plan to compile all the Temporal Master adventures into a single sourcebook, trying my hand at InDesign instead of Microsoft Word.

I have plans to revisit Potterverse and fate with a one shot scenario involving amnesiac wizards.

I’ve also thought about making a Rick and Morty fan sourcebook for the Cubicle 7 vortex system that drives the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game. I have also been pondering how Doctor Who would run using the Gumshoe system.

Stay tuned into the next year I’m sure to set out on a new project.

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