Time Lord Ascendant

Now with complete control over time and space, the Temporal Masters are a strategic tour de force. Through the guidance of the Temporal Master Victorious, commander in chief and visionary of the pure timeline any opposition has been met with ruthless alterations to their personal timeline. Time and space is at an impasse with those races still capable of time travel are paralysed by the threat of extinction or simply do not have the capability to mount a resistance. The Doctor has been desperately trying to  undo the damage done, feeling responsible for his progenitor’s work.

The Doctor and his companions have arrived at the Temporal Masters’ stronghold to put an end to the Temporal Masters’ reign one way or another. The Doctor is unsurprised to find an old acquaintance with the mantle of Temporal Master Victorious. The companions find themselves amidst the glory of the Temporal Master capitol where they find out that they are not the only ones unhappy with the Victorious’ reign, as various factions are poised to strike and depose their leader.

The Time Lord Ascendant marks the end of the Temporal Masters adventure arc, 12 months of Doctor Who Roleplaying Game related adventures. A big thanks goes out to the Alexandrian it was his blog post outlining the Temporal Master story arc that inspired Doctor Who RPG Temporal Master campaign. Thanks also needs to go to BBC as the creators of Doctor Who and Cubicle 7 whose Doctor Who Roleplaying products inspired the project.

The project started as a challenge to myself to; A) share the adventures I had written for my gaming group and to share them, B) to produce something that I would be happy with, and C) to actually meet my own deadlines and finish the project. Overall I am happy with what I have achieved.

Next year I plan to at some stage compile all the adventures into one Temporal Masters sourcebook using InDesign rather than Microsoft Word.

I hope you enjoy the adventures over the past year!

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