A Conversion Before Christmas

Two weekends ago the last session of RPGs for 2015 was marked with a Christmas themed adventure of Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space (though it’s probably called Doctor Who Roleplaying Game now). The scenario was written by myself with the intention of introducing characters to a Twelfth Doctor campaign in the new year. Considering the season and Doctor Who style I decided to do this with a Christmas theme.

Titled A Conversion Before Christmas, it is an adventure that was inspired by some of my favourite Christmas pop-culture of the last 20-odd years; Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, Futurama’s Tale of Two Santas, and Simpson’s Grift of the Magi. In this adventure the players arrive in Lincoln, Lincolnshire Christmas Eve to find the city decorated, ready for Christmas but something is amiss… the city of approximately 150,000 is silent, the streets deserted.

The adventure was written to star the Twelfth Doctor and his companions but can be easily run with different characters. It is a standalone adventure and can be easily slotted into an ongoing campaign and runs for about 3-5 hours.

As this is a beginning of an ongoing campaign I plan to post an adventure a month (depending on how long it takes me to edit the final document) beginning with A Conversion Before Christmas. I invite you to give the adventure a go and if you have any comments, suggestions or questions (if you are from the City of Lincoln please go easy on me).

Please find the adventure here.

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