Melbourne Bet – A Wormverse Campaign – Reflections (Southern Star)

Incident Report

 I responded to a call for assistance from Eureka member Valkyrie approximately 12:55 during what sounded to be an escalating incident with suspects with possible Black Light ties apprehended earlier in the day. Stranger/Changer protocol was initiated at Valkyries suggestion. I approached the Royal Melbourne Hospital by air ahead of PRG and Hephaestus.

When approaching the entrance to emergency I was intercepted by Bloodhound (Striker 2 Master 4) and a second assailant. The second assailant was a man in his mid-twenties, dark complexion, dressed in a black leotard. Bloodhound was armed with a pistol and fired off a few shot that were deflected by my force fields. The second assailant engaged me in close combat so I took to the sky. The second assailant snorted some unknown substance and proceeded to float, grappling me in the process. Bloodhound continued to fire without any regard for his companion.

The second assailant’s ability to float dragged me from my floating force field and we began to ascend slowly into the air. Around this time I noticed that the detainees from earlier in the day (Alice Dee, Wrighteous and Pressure Point) emerged from the emergency entrance with other suspect, Daniel Hacking before loading into two different white vans. It was at this time that Hephaestus and PRG arrived. Over the radio I heard that the vans broke through Hephaestus and the PRG response vehicle was on pursuit with Sergeant Mitchel.

Eventually I managed to shake the second assailant who appeared be unable to control his ascent into the sky. I left him to float while I went in pursuit of the two vans and PRG.

The chase had already hit the freeway by the time I arrived by air. The PRG vehicle was already assaulting one of the vans. The other van could be seen in the distance leading the chase. Sergeant Mitchel was on the roof of the trailing van, injection suppression foam into the cabin with her artificial arm.

I left the PRG vehicle to pursuit the leading van, this one sported the tell-tale scars of Hephaestus’ mace. Once within range of the leading van two things happened I began to see things like in a hallucination and  I was attacked by what seemed at the time to be a missile but in hindsight was a fire extinguisher shot at me. This make-shift missile exploded on one of my shields obscuring me in white powder/gas. Struggling to see and to breath I descended and hit the asphalt which threw me off my force field. It took me a moment or two to get my bearings, getting into the air just before the trailing van nearly ran me down.

I managed to follow the trailing van at distance before they headed into Bedlam territory. I reported the news and was ordered to stand down.

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