Melbourne Bet – A Wormverse Campaign – Reflections (Wrighteous)

{FlyonWall Drone1 @ 12:43 [-37.799904, 144.954457]} CONTROL/REC

Video shows the drone navigating the air ducts into the halls of the Parahuman ward of the Royal Melbourne Hospital. The windowless ward is located underground and is arranged in a square donut, separated into wings. The west wing  sealed off from the rest of the ward, this is a secure area where nurses can be protected from dangerous parahumans, the fortified doors can be electronically locked and are made from a reinforced glass. The grainy, fisheye lens of the drone picks up the form of the armoured clad form of Eureka member Valkyrie and a lone nurse. Valkyrie is sits with halberd in hand at a row of uncomfortable-looking seats while the nurse is at her station tending to her work.
The drone continues surveillance of the ward, passing by myself, Pressure Point and Alice Dee in the south wing. The south and east wings and east and north wings are once again separated by a door but not of the same fortitude as the west wing doors. Running along outer circumference of the south, east and north wings are individual rooms for parahumans in treatment.
Buzzing past one of the rooms the fly spots girl in her late teens, sitting on the edge of the hospital bed talking with herself focusing on a certain point on the far wall.
Navigating past the east/north door the fly spotted James, the boy that had accidentally turned people into glass at the nightclub just last night. We’d finally found him and hopefully he’d give us the information we needed…

{Mosquito Drone2 @ 12:53 [-37.799904, 144.954457]} ATTACK/REC

After locating our objective, we moved onto stage two of the mission. The mosquito drone armed with an incapacitating drug to take Valkyrie out easily. The mosquito drone went in for the kill landing on the exposed flesh of Valkyrie’s neck…STATIC

{FlyonWall Drone1 @ 12:54 [-37.799904, 144.954457]} FOLLOW/REC

Wright: Shit. Mosquito down. Pressure Point blow the doors.
The doors to Pressure Point’s room blows open under the pressure for her power then with two further wumps the doors to mine and Alice D’s rooms are blown off their hinges.
Wright: Alice slow Valkyrie down. Pressure Point, let’s go get Daniel.
LSD: Too easy.
As Alice Dee moves off to the south/west door, myself and Pressure Point head to the north wing to retrieve Daniel. Moving through the west wing I stopped at the north/west door to turn around and find Pressure Point looking into the room of the girl talking to herself.
Wright: What are you doing?
PP: Hellbunni is here.
Wright: Who? That girl talking to herself?
PP: No she’s Blacklight.
Wright: More reason to get Daniel and get out of here.
She [Pressure point] saw reason and entered the north wing. I peered into the room that housed Daniel.
PP: Stand away from the door and block your ears.
I stood aside from the door as Pressure Point blew it open.
Daniel: Who are you?
PP: We’re here to help you.
Daniel: Where’s Hannah?
Wright: don’t worry we are keeping her safe.
Coalescing in the corner of the room was a glittering miasma that slowly took human form. It was Glitter Bomb and he was holding a gun.
Wright: Daniel. Come. Now.
This was when the sprinklers and fire alarms went off as flames licked up over the top of the closed north/east door.

{FlyonWall Drone1 @ 12:59 [-37.799904, 144.954457]} FOLLOW[PP]/REC

GB: Came prepared this time.

Glitter Bomb pointed the gun at Pressure Point as Daniel and I moved out of frame towards the west wind. Suddenly distracted by the flames making their way around the gaps in the door and burning regardless of the sprinklers, Pressure Point unleashed a concussive blast. Launching Glitter Bomb into the wall where he burst into glitter. The sprinklers hindered his movement as he attempted to flank her but she disbursed him again with another concussive burst. The two tussled for a bit before the door leading to west wing blew open unleashing a small fire ball…STATIC

{GoggleCam @ 13:02 [-37.799904, 144.954457]} REC

Currently without drones the feed skips to goggle cam.
The image is obscured by a crack in the goggle lens and water washing over them. The goggles swung around to capture Pressure Point and Glitter Bomb slowly moving away from a quickly spreading fire. It may be due to the poor image quality but there appears to be female faces formed in the fire itself. The goggles captured a wet and frightened nurse exclaiming the earth was shaking.
Wright: The ward is on fire get the hell out of here.
The nurse hesitantly moved from her workstation and ran towards the fire escape. Valkyrie was nowhere to be seen and neither was Alice Dee. The image bounced as I rounded the corner and poked my head through the doorway out to the south wing. Valkyrie was in the south corridor, no Alice and the fire was steadily creeping along walls, ceiling and floor.
Valkyrie: …fire. Initiate Stranger protocol. The bogeys we picked up are with Blacklight. Request…
Valkyrie was cut off as she attacked an invisible assailant. Swinging her halberd around in an arc, followed by a kick.
Valkyrie: …immediate assistance.
At that moment Alice Dee poked her head out of one of the patient rooms. I motioned for her to leg it. She dodged a swing from Valkyrie as she continued to battle with her phantom.
We arrive back in the west wing to find Pressure Point bringing the ceiling down on Glitter Bomb.
The remainder pf the footage is shaky as we exit the hospital via the fire exit with Daniel in tail.

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