Melbourne Bet – A Wormverse Campaign – Parahuman Capes (Parahuman Response Group)

Parahuman Response Group

PRG or ‘Purge’

With a smaller population density Australia naturally had fewer parahumans than other nations to cope with, as a result the Parahuman Response Group was not formed until parahuman syndicates had already gained a foothold. Training is extensive, focusing on tactical scenarios with various power classifications, physical training, as well as weapons training, everything from rifles and shotguns to foambow and shock batons. Teams are equipped with armoured vehicles, firearms as well as the foambow, a device that looks similar to a grenade launcher that attaches to a shotgun that fires bolts which contain a head of containment foam.  In Melbourne, PRG works closely with the corporate sponsored cape team Eureka. Recently new to the role Sergeant Mitchel has been nurturing a parahuman-phobic atmosphere. This has proved difficult at times especially with maverick members of Eureka like Southern Star.

Sergeant Kate Mitchel

 In her early thirties, she is a fit woman, with a massive tinker-made arm that billows steam. She was originally trained as an officer in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), specialising in counter-parahuman warfare. She is now the lead officer for the Parahuman Response Group (PRG) for the Australian Federal Police (AFP). Taking the role after she lost an arm during Southern Star’s trigger event and awoke later in the hospital with a tinker powered replacement made by Eureka cape, Hephaestus. She never had much love for parahumans after being dismissed from the army, losing an arm and  gaining a grotesquery she thoroughly hates capes, taking a very front-line approach to operations.

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