Melbourne Bet – A Wormverse Campaign – Parahuman Capes (Eureka)


Eureka are a massively funded and endorsed by both the Australian Government and the Protectorate, with all the benefits that come alongside. With far greater access to equipment and recruits that anyone else in the city, the Eureka Tower is a veritable fortress of tinker technology.

Southern Star

The poster boy of Eureka, Bruce Wilson was recruited directly from the police force after his very public trigger event, brought in as founding member of Eureka. His powers are well documented in the media – flight, enhanced strength and agility and the ability to project force fields that can either be used defensively, or thrown with remarkable velocity and force.

Southern Star acts as the public face of Eureka, making the vast majority of media appearances and dominating screen time in interviews.


One of the founding members of Eureka, Valkyrie had been operating in Melbourne solo before the team was founded. Apparently unkillable, whenever a mortal wound is dealt to Valkyrie she is reborn in a column of golden light, a glowing aura  remaining around her that increases her strength and agility.


In a move that was dismissed by many as a publicity stunt, Eureka recruited one of the prominent native capes. Able to summon the spirits of animals long extinct, Dreamtime quickly made himself invaluable to the team.         


Much of the work on the Eureka Tower was done using Hephaestus’s technology. A tinker with a speciality in thermal energy, Hephaestus has incorporated a geothermal power plant into the Eureka building, allowing it to run as a self-contained, isolated structure. In battle he fights in a large suit of powered armour and wields a massive hammer that he can superheat to the point that it will melt clean through plate steel.


 A recent immigrant to Australia, Mirage’s power lets him bend light, shifting it to flow around an object so that it can’t be seen, or focusing light on a single point to burn or scour.

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