DWAITAS: Knight of the Comet

Today I finally had an opportunity to run an adventure as game master up here in Brisbane. We played a one shot scenario of Doctor Who Adventures in Space and Time. With very little crunch it is an elegant system where the rules reflect the feel of a Doctor Who serials and gives characters opportunities to shape the narrative.

For example during combat the initiative goes in the order of; the talkers (for all your Doctor speeches), the movers (for when you should run), the doers (reverse the polarity) and finally the fighters (delete!).

The resolution is fairly straight forward as well, where the Outcome = 2d6 + Attribute + Skill +Trait (if available). Where the outcome is measured against a difficulty. Degrees of failure are also taken into account, for instance:

  • if you beat the difficulty by +9 you receive ‘Yes and’ being awarded the result and an extra boon.
  • if you beat the difficulty by 0-3 you receive ‘Yes but’ where you are rewarded with a success but you face a disadvantage.

The adventure, Knight of the Comet is a scenario where the the Doctor and his companions are thrust into the time vortex and find themselves solving a mystery back in the days of tales of King Arthur. The players ending the scenario in a fashion the writers would ever have comprehended.

PCs took control of the Twelfth Doctor, and twins Jane and Jason Selwyn who are on a gap year. The character sheets for the three characters can be found attached (with a Clara thrown as well). The character sheet printed utilised the sheet layout here. PLease excuse the png files for some reason Inkscape was not liking pdf.

12th Doctor front12th Doctor back
Jane frontJane back
Jason frontJason back
Jane frontClara back

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