Melbourne Bet – A Wormverse Campaign – The System

My friend Will and I are big advocates of the Strands of Fate RPG system. An offshoot of the popular narrative driven Fate which uses fudge dice. Strands of Fate still utilises the narrative driven system but adds a bit more crunch.

In the past I have used the system (with some minor additions) to run a Potterverse campaign  and run a one shot convention game Harry Potter and the Handle of Janus. This time Will has adapted Strands for use in his Wormaverse Campaign. For those unfamiliar with the webserial Worm by Wildbow, it is an internal consistent serial involving Parahumans (people with superpowers), one in particular Taylor and her journey to do what is right.

The main differences with the homebrew include:


The Attributes have been refined down to:

  • Physical (Agility, Athletics, Brawling)
  • Mental (Genius, Perception, Willpower)
  • Social (Deceive, Persuade, Resource)
  • and Power


Strands of Fate suggest that PCs be made with 10ish Aspects by utilising the Aspect Alphabet. Instead out PCs were created with 6 with the following inspiration:

  • Defining Aspect – This is what your characters schtick is. I’ve always like 2-3 adjectives and a noun.
  • Origin Story – This can relate directly to your trigger event, why you have become a hero/villain.
  • Power – This aspects relates directly to your power.
  • Places/People – These can be family, friends, mortal enemies, headquarters, home turf or forbidden areas.
  • Exceptional – What is your character good at?
  • and Inferior – What is your character bad at? Hindered by?

Stress Track

Physical and mental stress has been combined into one stress track and s a sum of your Brawling, Athletics and Willpower (plus any relevant Advantages).

The other defining difference to the stress track is there is only one, once this is filled up you die (go insane, otherwise incapacitated forever). The filling of this track can be mitigated though by taking consequences to lower your stress table.

  •  A Minor consequence would remove one stress box. These consequences can be recovered from after a short amount of time, akin to dead leg or retching.
  •  A Major consequence removes three stress boxes . A major consequence takes a days to recover from, like concussions or lacerations.
  • A Severe (P) consequence removes all stresses in your track. These persist over weeks or months and since they are marked with the persistent P, they can be Compelled without burning a Fate Point.

These changes aim to make the game grittier and attempt to convey the feel of street level capes campaign. Find an example of below of my character Wrighteous.

Maebh ‘Wrighteous’ Hallett

Defining Aspect:            Stubborn Tinker Support
Origin Story:                  Deadly fear of flying
Power:                            Here’s a plane I prepared earlier
Places and People:       Air Raid. Is. MINE!
Advantage:                    Outdoors-man
Disadvantage:               Moral high ground

Brawling:        1
Athletics:        2
Acrobatics:    2
Genius:               2
Will:                    2
Perception:        2
Persuade:       2
Deceive:          2
Resource:       2
Power:                3

Refresh Rate: 5          Stress track: 5

Tinker Specialty By virtue of your power, you are an authority in a specific field of science or engineering, be it biology, thermal energy, aerospace engineering, computer software, etc. Gain a +2 on Genius rolls related to your specified field and a +1 bonus to make relevant Declarations.

Headquarters Gain a new Facility with a rating equal to your Resources +1 if it is a general Facility or +2 if it is specialised. You may take this Advantage multiple times. Each time your Facility gains a new function (Library, Lab or Workshop), or you increase the rating of one Facility you already own by +1. Multiple members of the same team may contribute points toward the same Headquarters.

Playing Possum – Trained in the subtle arts of improvisation, you find it easily to fake your own death. You receive +2 to deceive others rolls when pretending to be dead or injured.

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