Melbourne Bet – A Wormverse Campaign – Creating Parahumans

This week marked the beginning of our Wormverse RPG campaign based in the city of Melbourne.

‘In 1998 Sydney was attacked by Leviathan. Though he was driven off through the combined efforts of the Protectorate and the King’s Men, Sydney was left largely crippled by the attack, with the harbour front completely destroyed and large swathes of the city permanently flooded. It was this event that led  to the formation of parahuman group Eureka in Melbourne, as the importance of a domestic parahuman team with the ability to respond to an Endbringer crisis became apparent.’

The game is being run by a friend of mine using a Fate hack (heavily based on the Strands of Fate and Dresden Files RPG). He is running it from Melbourne with the rest of the crew while I Skype in. Last night involved creating some villain and hero groups, locations, and our own characters which include:

Bloodhound (Striker 4) – At a touch he is able to people in a susceptible state (not unlike Derren Brown) where they can be lead around and afterwards have no recollection of the incident. He has been hired in the past as a bounty hunter.

Under Pressure (Trump 5) – Unbeknownst to herself she is a trump who has the ability to steal another  parahumans power. She has currently permanently unwittingly stolen a heroes power before she died, the ability to master gases and their pressure.

Alice Dee (Shaker 5 Stranger 4) – Is a parahuman with the ability to give others vivid hallucinations, what those hallucinations are dependent on the GM.

Deadbeat (Breaker 6 Brute 2 Changer 3) – A doll bludger  cursed with immortality, he still feels pain and does die but rises again with a different face.

Liar Bird (Thinker 5 Stranger 2) – Is a bit of a con artist who gained the ability to copy any sound she has heard flawlessly, to the decibel, noise and pitch. She is also is able to remember any sound she has heard.

Wrighteous (Tinker 6) – I am playing Wrighteous who is a aerospace themed tinker who unfortunately triggered while in a plane crash. This has lead to a fear of flying so many of her devices are focused on remote flying; UAVs, rockets, jet packs for others, etc

Each of the characters are answering a wanted advert for an unknown benefactor. In the next session we will begin the adventure which should be interesting.


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