Potterverse One Shot

About two years ago I started a Potterverse campaign set at Hogwarts the year following the Battle for Hogwarts. To run the game I decided to hack  Strands of Fate to serve. Unfortunately, the campaign was cut short when I had to move north to Brisbane for work.

As a result I wrote Harry Potter and the Handle of Janus, a one shot where each of the PCs play a Harry from a different universe (inspired by fanfic). The PCs have been kidnapped by death eaters and need to escape. Initially I was hoping to play this one shot scenario when I returned to Melbourne for PAX Aus but instead played DRYH’s The Bad Man and Epiphany. It wasn’t till the Christmas break that I was able to play it.

I have uploaded the scenario in the tab above for anyone interested. It includes five pre-generated character sheets, the scenario description and cheat sheet rules for the Harry hacked Strands of Fate.

The scenario is fairly raw as I normally improvise during play, so I welcome any suggestions, feedback and actual play reviews.


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